COVID19 – Additions to Code of Conduct View

COVID19 – Code of Conduct

This supplements and is separate to the Club’s existing Code of Conduct (the existing Code of Conduct is available on the club website)

  1. Members must not attend if they are ill or have symptoms which are may in any way be connected with COVID-19, or if they are self-isolating whilst waiting for test results, or if other members of their household are ill and they should also be self-isolating. It is members’ responsibility to refrain from attending club activities where there is any risk of infection spread due to their participation or presence.
  2. Members must follow the following social distancing and hygiene requirements as follows:
    • Wash hands before and after activities or use hand sanitizer
    • Wear clean running kit on each occasion (up to you whether you wash it straight after!)
    • Listen to all instructions from run leaders or coaches and follow these at all times during activities
    • Avoid physical contact at all times with, and maintain minimum social distancing (currently 2m) as far as possible from, other participants
    • Do not exceed specified maximum group numbers at any time
    • When running in groups – ensure that you maintain social distancing at all times – the onus is on us to step aside, wait or otherwise make space for other members of the public
    • Spitting, sneezing and coughing only into handkerchiefs or your sleeves
    • Where booking for sessions applies
      • You must book in advance (overnight for morning sessions, by midday for evening sessions) – do not turn up in case there might be a space
      • If you can’t honour a booking, cancel it before the deadline, so that somebody else can use the space
      • Do not swap groups without the specific agreement of the run leader and never if that means a group will be larger than the maximum size
    • Come dressed to run and turn up promptly between 5-10 minutes before your session – do not congregate in groups, or block doorways or paths, and keep 2m distance from others (either before or after sessions)
    • Until otherwise advised, SHC facilities for toilets, changing and showering (and public toilets generally) are not available – so make plans accordingly
  3. For junior athletes, all of the above applies, and
    • Parents must make the booking for the junior athlete which will also be a confirmation that they have understood and consented to the arrangements and that their child will follow the code of conduct
    • Parents must drop off and pick up junior athletes promptly at the beginning and end of the session – juniors should not be standing/waiting for parents to arrive at the end of the session