Sunday League @ Cheshunt – 28/10/2018

Well done to everyone who ran at Cheshunt on Sunday in the first Sunday League race of the season. Everyone who took part did a great job and set us up for the season ahead. Also thanks to the scoring team, great job, photographers and supporters. We all appreciate you being there.

Men’s Captain Race Report

On Sunday we headed over to the familiar Cheshunt Sunday League race, an ever-present opening season fixture for many years now.

A strong turnout from the entire club, the 8 scoring Men on the day were Charlie, Dom Jacques, Scott, Jim, Paul, Adam Walker, Tom Miller and myself. That gave us the overall win on the day for the A team, whilst I’m writing this the official team results haven’t been published yet but it looks like a pretty good start from us.

Massive shout out to Emma, Jess and Cyn for finishing 1st, 2nd and 3rd on the day, and as always to the supporters and helpers around the course.


Ladies Captain Race Report

Beautiful weather, biting wind aside, lead to a great turn out for the 1st Sunday League fixture in Cheshunt this weekend.  We were short a few familiar scorers at the front of the pack due to the Half Term holiday and Cara is rightly recovering from last week’s great Abingdon marathon performance but that didn’t stop the TP ladies packing the front of the field with an unbelievable 1, 2, 3 in the ladies’ half of the race; Jess (‘fresh’ from coming 2nd at the European Age Group Aquathlon Championships on Thursday(!!)) and Cyn both having storming races at the front of the pack.  Lynn and Christine Hawker completed the A scorers with great back up from Melissa, Christine Savage and Dom completing the B team.  Sadly in a very tight league, we only came 5th overall but we’re confident adding back in our missing faces we’ve got the Ladies to really challenge for the title.

Personally, it’s super exciting to be part of this flourishing ladies’ squad and if we keep pushing each other forward we’ve got the talent to be winning this title in our own right instead of ‘just’ playing a supporting role in the men’s bid for the overall win.

I’m equally proud to run for a club so inclusive that we field runners right across the finishers.  So massive congratulations to everyone who ran across the club, no matter how fast or not so fast you were, saw many smiles before and after so I hope you had a great time and thanks as always to all our scorers and supporters.

Emma Rowley (Zoe was away on holiday)

Annual General Meeting 2018

This year’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) will take place at the Hockey Centre on Monday 29th October 2018. The meeting will start at 7:30 pm sharp. You will see over coming weeks details of the agenda, requests for items for the agenda and submissions for committee places. It is very important that you all attend the AGM. This club is very much a members club run by members for the members. Please play your part in the running of the Club. The best way to do that is by attending the AGM and play your part in the decisions made.

We are keen to avoid using masses of paper which largely gets thrown in the bin. We do not intend to print all the information for everyone. especially as we have no idea what the attendance will be. If you need a copy for the evening can I suggest you bring your own copies or better still use your own electronic devices instead of paper. I hope we haven’t opened things up to phones going off all night.

Updated: 15/10/2018 with forms and agenda

June 2018 Handicap Results

Slightly warm but a great day for running we had 50 runners.

Fastest man on the day was Paul Brennan in an impressive 18:32, shaving 1 second off his PB and Sue Cross was the fastest lady in 24:40

In terms of handicap improvement, 18 people improved their times, with Mick O’Sullivan taking 1st place with an 8:53 improvement (was pacing last time), followed by Kareen Russell with a 4:03 improvement then Rachel Bates with a 2:02 improvement.

Full results are available from the links below

If you would like to take part our next race on Saturday the 30th June. Please register at

Mid Week League 2018 – Final Results

The final results of the Mid Week League 2018 are now available.

As a club, we won division 1 overall and second overall vets team. The men’s team were also first as well.

Charlie Bruce – 3rd Open Men
Carl Redondo – 2nd Male Vet 40
Mike Prior – 1st Male Vet 50
Robert Pick – 2nd Male Vet 60

Emma Rowley – 3rd Open Women
Cara Huckstep – 2nd Female Vet 35
Zoe Redondo – 3rd Female Vet 35

Results below.