Easing of lockdown restrictions 19th July Update

Easing of lockdown restrictions 19th July Update

Easing of lockdown restrictions 19th July Update


The guidance below outlines how the Running Club is approaching the easing of lockdown from the 19th July. These guidelines have been developed following careful consideration of the Government guidance and engagement with the Hockey Centre, Leaders (call held 12th July) and the Committee.

The government guidance states: “COVID-19 has not gone away, so it’s important to remember the actions you can take to keep yourself and others safe. Everybody needs to continue to act carefully and remain cautious”. This was a view expressed by the leaders who reviewed proposals to help the club return to normal. The following changes help support this cautious approach.


Club training dates and times

The leaders will continue to provide a range of start times for runs on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday’s. We will gradually move to holding more sessions at pre-COVID set times but retain some flexibility that will reflect how members have had to adapt running around work and home. We will canvas members views on core meeting times so that we do not lose our identity as a “Running club for all”.


Attending a training session and group sizes.

We recognise that some members have found Coacha difficult to use and we will continue to seek improvements from the software designers. However, Coacha has helped move the club forwards through difficult times and offers many advantages that will strengthen the club going forwards. Official Club sessions will continue to be listed on Coacha, providing easy booking for members who sign-up on Coacha.

As restrictions are relaxed from the 19th July, members can turn up without booking on Coacha and join a group at the leaders’ discretion. Group sizes will be increased to a maximum of 12 members per leader from the 19th July, which will also help with this cautious, but flexible approach.


Hockey Centre – Home of TPRC

We have met with the Hockey centre management team and the points below summarise their approach from the 19th July. Please familiarise yourself with these so that everyone can continue to enjoy the facilities of the centre safely.


  • Garden area and outside generally, all restrictions lifted, BUT please be cautious


  • The screen around the bar will remain up
  • Customers should wear masks in the building
  • Customers seated at tables do not need to wear masks
  • Customers should be seated when in the bar area. Please do not gather in standing groups
  • Number seated at a table – no restrictions
  • Showers and changing rooms – no restrictions but please remain cautious
  • We will continue to keep all doors and windows open to maximum ventilation in the bar area
  • Sanitisers will remain up. Please use them

Other rooms

  • The sofas will be returned to the bar on Friday 23rd July
  • Changing room 3 will return to use from Friday 23rd July
  • The meeting room will return to a meeting room from Friday 30 July, however, due to reduced ventilation, we do not recommend it is used by more than 6 people.


As a club we requested a more suitable meeting point at the centre. It has been agreed that we can meet in the Marquee through the summer and the “Dance Floor” area in the winter. We all need to ensure that fire exits and walkways are not used as meeting points going forwards.

I look forward to seeing you at the club soon

Junior Handicap – Handicap Table 2021

Junior Handicap Table for 2021

New format handicap table for the juniors. Full results can be found at https://www.webscorer.com/trentparkrc


Junior Handicap Table - 2021

Junior Virtual Relays Success – 18/11/2020

Junior Virtual Relays Success – 18/11/2020

Juniors Virtual Relay Success
18th November 2020


We are pleased to report success for our juniors at the most recent Middlesex AA virtual relays event. We took 1st place in the U17 girl’s and 2nd place in the U17 boy’s events over 3000 m. Due to limited time/space availability due to Covid regulations we were only able to enter teams in that age group. Congratulations to Poppy, Abbi and Natasha and to Alessio, Liam and Ethan.

Paul Hart

Membership Renewals – 1/11/2020

Membership Renewals – 1/11/2020

 Membership renewals – 1/11/2020


As agreed at the AGM we will shortly be sending out a payment request via Coacha for your membership payment. This will cover the period from 1st October 2020 to the 31st March 2021 and is a follows:-

Senior Full Membership = £25
Student Membership = £15 (those over 21 but in fulltime education)
Under 21 Membership = £15
Junior Membership = £15
Swimming Only Membership = £15
Social Membership = £10

Given the government announcement of a second lockdown, you may be questioning why we are still requesting a membership payment when we may not be able to offer training and the hockey centre may well have to close. However, this payment covers the period from the 1st October until our next renewal date, 1st April 2021, so 6 months. It is a reduced amount, being supported from the club’s reserves, and as such equates to just over £4 a month for a full senior member. Therefore, incredible value and some club’s would charge you this for attending a session.

We will need to wait for updated guidance from England Athletics on if we can still offer training whilst in this second lockdown and will advise accordingly once this has been published and the committee has had a chance to digest and discuss this and make any changes to our current training framework to comply with any changes to the guidance.

If we do not receive your payment by 29/11/2020 then we will assume you do not wish to renew.

We are in the process of revising the Trent Park News, the club’s email newsletter, and this will be released later this week and will hopefully contain the updated guidance. However, any updates are also published on our website https://www.trentparkrc.com

If you have any questions please email hello@trentparkrc.com.

Peter Goldfinch


Junior Handicap – Handicap Table

Junior Handicap Table

New format handicap table for the juniors. Full results can be found at https://www.webscorer.com/trentparkrc


Junior Handicap Table - New

Statement on current club activities – 29/9/2020


Statement on the current club activities and committee position
29/9/2020 – By Paul Ward (Coaching Coordiantor)


At the beginning of the Coronavirus crisis the club was forced to suspend all organised running activities for the safety of our members and the community that we live in. This was a difficult time for all of us and as a committee, when the future was uncertain, we didn’t believe it was appropriate to ask for Membership Fees to be paid.

Instead we froze membership fees but continued to provide support through weekly updates, virtual coaching sessions and completely revised our risk assessments so that we could return to organised training when permitted. This also included a new booking system for training sessions to ensure we maintained the required records for Test and Trace.

Over the summer we have offered organised training sessions in a safe and structured way. This has been through the hard work of our leaders and co-operation with the owners of the facilities we use. I am extremely proud to say that we have supported members when many other clubs simply posted that they had stopped organising training sessions.

I would like to focus briefly on the relationship we have with Southgate Hockey Centre (SHC). We moved to the SHC several years ago and it has been a base for us in the centre of Trent Park ever since. A substantial proportion of our funds pay for the rights to use SHC as our “Home” and benefit from the facilities including Free Parking, Toilets, Changing Facilities inc. showers and the use of the Bar/Restaurant facilities. We also use the centre for meetings, staging race events and social events with no additional charge.

Unfortunately, due to the present situation SHC are not able to provide the facilities that they and we would like to experience. This is the same for the Hockey Club and all other SHC users. Through discussion with members of SHC committee we have listened to each other and it is clear that both parties would like to continue the long relationship that has been established. In order to do so TPRC needs to contribute to the financial running of the centre. All other clubs that are based at SHC have continued to provide the same level of financial support as pre-COVID19, but with reduced money from Bar sales and Social events SHC is running at a loss every month. Like many other businesses they have benefitted from Government aid but whilst we continue to live in a restricted world their losses will continue.

Robert Pick, Paul Ward and Chas Taylor attended a meeting with members of SHC last week and agreed a financial agreement that is below what was initially requested and substantially below that paid in previous years. The details are £500 per month for August and September and then £42.50 per senior member through to March 2021 (6 months). This recognises a reduced level of facilities available but also helps ensure the financial viability of SHC and our “Home”.

We recently communicated our intention for a reduced Membership fee of £50 to be paid from the 1st October. The reasons for this are two-fold. Firstly, the reduced fees recognise that members are not able to enjoy the full experience of running with friends in the way we would all like to do and also considers the potential financial strain on some members. Secondly, we believe that whilst the club is financially able to pay SHC from its balance sheet we need to retain financial strength and ask for a members contribution for this year’s membership. This will allow us to continue developing the club as we move forwards. The committee therefore recommended £50 as a fair payment for the 2020-2021 membership year (reductions for all other membership classifications applied). This would still leave us with a shortfall on this year’s account.

However, as a number of members have asked for further discussion regarding membership fees, no final decision will be agreed until after the AGM on the 26th October. This we will be happy to accommodate to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to air their personal views

If you would like further information regarding the meeting at SHC please feel free to contact Robert, Paul or Chas. Further details of the AGM agenda will be shared shortly.

Kind regards
Paul Ward