Change of Membership and Training Session Booking System – Coacha

Change of Membership and Training Session Booking System – Coacha


In short, we are changing our membership system and training session booking system to an alternative called Coacha. A full explanation of the reasons for this and some of the improvements you can expect can be seen below

You will shortly receive an email from Coacha with links to the system to activate your account. If you do not receive this in the next couple of days please check your junk/spam folder before contacting us so we can look into this. Many of the Juniors will already have activated their account as they have used the system for a couple of weeks to book their sessions as a pilot.

Once you have logged in to Coacha please check and update your membership record so the information is correct. As we have moved between systems some errors may have crept in. The most important items to check are:-

  1. Your contact details. Mobile number and email address. These are used for update emails and in the event we need to contact you at short notice we now have the ability to text you, for example, if a training session is cancelled at short notice.
  2. Your Next of Kin / Emergency contact details. 
  3. Your date of birth. Some of these did not transfer over correctly previously.

if you have any issue logging in or don’t receive an email, please contact and we will look into this and resolve any issues. 

If you receive any emails from Clubtrac you can ignore these (unless we advise otherwise) and please do not make any payments via Clubtrac.

Background for change


In preparation for the membership renewal back in March we moved our membership system from one written by James to Clubtrac, this was just when we went into lockdown and had to suspend all club activities. Since then we have been extending your membership and started to use Clubtrac as a booking system for the training sessions we were able to run.

Without going into all the technical background there have been a number of issues with Clubtrac, especially around the booking system requiring a great deal of intervention in the background to make it work. However, the biggest issue has been the communication and support from Clubtrac (or rather lack of) so as we move forward as a club we felt we had no choice but to look for an alternative system and move the whole membership database over.


We have again looked across the market for an appropriate alternative system and James has undertaken much testing. The system we have settled on is Coacha, and is the best fit we could find. The providers are very responsive and seem eager to take on our feedback to improve.

We moved the Juniors over to Coacha just over a week ago and they have been using this for training session bookings. We felt this was important to test the system in the real world with real members and the whole thing has been relatively painless and problem-free. 

With Coacha the booking process is much simpler and there is a mobile app for you to manage your account, book sessions, make payments, etc. All of which should make it far easier for members.

Annual General Meeting Notice

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of Trent Park Running Club will take place at 7:30 pm on Monday 26th October 2020. This will be held virtually using appropriate technology, details of which will be announced well in advance of the meeting. Given the current COVID restrictions it is impossible for us to meet physically because of social distancing and rule of six as well as other guidelines so we are having to meet virtually. I attach various relevant documentation to support the meeting. Further documentation will be made available over the coming weeks.

Agenda Item or Constitution Proposal Form

Committee Member Nomination Form

AGM Draft Agenda 26.10.2020

The draft agenda will be added to as proposals are received.

At such a difficult time for us all especially the Club it is important that all members do their best to be involved and contribute to decisions important to the Club.


The latest version of the agenda and supporting documents can be download from the link below.


“The Plank” – New Handicap Series

“The Plank” – New Handicap Series

The ‘Plank’ Handicap

The handicap is back on Saturday 3rd October, but with a load of changes to comply with the Club’s and England Athletics guidelines. Therefore, don’t just turn up at the hockey centre as things are very different.

Firstly, it is only open to Club members, so no guests, and you need to register for each race, so we know who is attending. When booking you will need to choose your start time, these are 5-minute slots for up to 5 people as you will be started individually, so no mass start.

The registration is now open so you can book your place via

The assembly point and course have also changed. You will need to collect a number from the sports field adjacent to the hockey pitches, you will be given a new number for every race so they are not reusable. From there you will wait in your time slot group to be called to the start, you will walk the plank from the sports field to the hill next to this (the one we use for some cross country races) and will be started 10 to 60 seconds apart. You run up the hill and turn right and run past the hockey centre to the concrete road and continue on the normal course until you get to the turn around point on the pineapple. Instead of turning around, hang a left past Go Ape then left again onto the blind trail, keep going (it is further than you think) then turn right back to the start. From there walk the plank again back to the sports field.

Results will be live so you can check your time within a few minutes of crossing the line, the link for this will be on

There will be a new table for this series and you will be sent a link for this once live.

If you have any questions please email


Clubtrac session booking system – 30/08/2020

Clubtrac session booking system – 30/08/2020

Clubtrac session booking system – 30/08/2020

We have been working through some of the issues we have been having with the system and slowly addressing these. Some of these issues are due to the human factor, where people are either not logged in or do not complete the booking process. Therefore, we have created 2 short videos on how to login (and check you are logged in) and how to book session and check you are booked in 

Once you have booked in you will receive a confirmation email, it will also appear on your My Booking page on your profile. Therefore, if you don’t receive this email and it does not appear on the bookings page then you are not booked in and may be turned away from the session as we have strict limits on these to comply with the England Athletics guidelines.

If you have any issue logging in or booking session please email 


Trent Park Triffic Trail 2020 Update – Cancelled (12/08/20)

Trent Park Triffic Trail 2020 Update – Cancelled (12/08/20)

Trent Park Triffic Trail 2020 Update
Cancelled (12/08/20)


Regretfully we have had to cancel this year’s Triffic Trail event. The ongoing Government restrictions mean we are unable to obtain any race licences or approvals. We are very disappointed to do this but hope you will understand that in the current circumstances we have no other option.

The good news is that we are already planning next years run, which will be on Sunday 13th June. We are very hopeful that this will take place and if restrictions are eased we plan to open on-line entries in January 2021. If we are unable to do this we will provide a further update here.

In the meantime keep running and stay safe. We look forward to seeing you next year.

Best Wishes
Alan Collingbourne
Race Director Triffic Trail
On behalf of Trent Park Running Club

If you have any question then please feel free to contact us

Membership Renewals – 31/07/2020

Membership Renewal – 31/07/2020

As I hope you remember we have kept the membership of Trent Park Running Club open from the end of the last annual membership period and we will do that until we are able to get back training properly and have the use of all the facilities at the Hockey Centre. We had set the membership renewal date on the Clubtrac system to 31st July 2020 as a holding position. As we are not in a position to renew membership we have reset that to 31st August 2020. This is again a holding position and we will only renew membership when it is reasonable to do so.

Recent months have been very difficult for everyone and as a Club, we have played our part in limiting the spread of the virus. We should be very proud of the contribution of every member. We have put in place a great system for running carefully controlled sessions and I hope you are all aware of these and making use of them when you are able. You can access the details at It would be great to see as many of you as possible taking up the opportunity to join some of these sessions 

I have just had an update from Liz at the Hockey Centre who tells me they plan to open the Hockey Centre on selected days from Tuesday next week (4th). They will be open on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and Saturday and Sunday mornings. This is only the bar area, so there are no changing/showering facilities and seating will be in the garden.

Please, everyone, stay safe and enjoy your running in the sun