“The Plank” April 2021 Handicap – Results and Photos

“The Plank” April 2021 Handicap – Results and Photos

“The Plank” Handicap
April 2021 – 24/4/2021


Beautiful day in the park so a great day for our first race back since lock-down end, a boy where people ready to race!

Some great results across the field with Dougal Burrowes first home in an incredible 17:05! (He obviously had his Weetabix this morning.)

The fastest lady was Kat Alpe in 20:20, which on any other day would have put her in the top 3, but today with the sub 20 boys out in force and a few speedy juniors, put her 10th home, with 9 athletes doing a sub 20.

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Massive thank to David and Linda Grindall for arranging all the marshals and to out marshals out on the course. Without who these races would not be possible. We are always looking for volunteers so please consider helping out at future events.

Entries for the May event, on Saturday 29th May are now open.



“The Plank” Senior Handicap Table

“The Plank” Senior Handicap Table

Senior “The Plank” Handicap Table

Seniors “The Plank” handicap table. Full results can be found at https://www.webscorer.com/trentparkrc


October Senior Handicap 2019

October Senior Handicap 2019

With the North of the Thames and the juniors off at the North West London League in the afternoon, plus the weather and a World Club Rugby on a small but dedicated turnout.

Slight alterations to the course due to the Pineapple still being dug up for some works, and a fair bit of mud around and a strong wing lead to some interesting conditions, so times generally down a bit, but didn’t stop some people putting in a cracking performance.

Fastest on the day was Andy Betton (19:40) and our first lady Emily Clarke (22:20).

The most improved where Kellie Cuthill with a 7.93% improvement and breaking 30 minutes for the first time, followed by Lisa Barlow with a 4.49% improvement and then Duncan Bensted (2.921%).

September Handicap 2019

September Handicap 2019

With the Mayor’s fun run the next day and the juniors off at the North West London League a lower the normal turnout. However, some great performance across the field. 

Slight alterations to the course due to the Pineapple being dug up for some works, but all good practise for the cross country season.smile

Fastest on the day was Edward Fenning in 19:06, closely followed by Andy Betton (19:31) and our first lady Kat Alpe (20:03). 

The most improved where Jennifer Mullarkey with a 12.717% improvement, then Annie McAnulty (9,711%), followed by Phil Cooper (5.022%).

February 2019 Handicap Results

The first time we combined the Senior and junior events to run on the same day and the weather played its part giving ideal conditions for fast times.

A few changes for both the seniors and juniors causing some confusion for both but it all worked out wonderfully in the end even if it did look like organised chaos. In total, we had 109 finishers, 72 seniors, 25 Young Athletes (over 11) and 12 Juniors (under 11). 

First Junior (under 11) home was Max Gilzean in 9:56, closely followed by Alfie Downs in 9:59 then Bethan O’Shea in 10:05. Statistically surprising this order was reversed for the handicap results with Bethan first improving by 11.936%, the Alfie with a 7.562% and the Max with -1.188%.

For the Young Athletes (over 11) it was David Sleeman first across the line in 12:39, then Benjamin Woolf in 13:15 and Ronan Ozdural 13:45. For the Handicap Sophie Moran with a 10.25% improvement, then David Sleeman, 7.88% followed by William Grimsdell with a 4.282% improvement. 

Mixed in with the juniors, the seniors started to come through. Charlie Bruce the first senior home, skillfully weaving around the juniors to finish in 18:00, with Scott Aiken in 18:10, and Chris Adams in 19:14. First lady home was Emily Clarke is 21:01 (so close to breaking 21 minutes).  Handicap results where Dean Anderson with an 18.1% improvement, Katherine Atkinson with an 11.089% improvement and breaking 30 minutes for the first time in 29:16, then Paul Nevin with a 7.053% improvement.

Link to results are below.