Results this week – to 7/6/2021

Results from this week
to 7/6/2021


Gravesend Midweek Duathlon (1st June)

Kam Ezel 1:10:34.8 
5th Place


RunThrough Battersea Park 10k (5th June)

Jim Arrowsmith – 33:43 – 3rd SM
Stephen Moss – 35:22 – 3rd MV40
Scott Aiken – 37:34 – 1st MV50
Emily Jeanes – 39:13 – 7th SW
Kat Alpe – 39:47 – 1st FV35
Anja Greenwood – 43:55 – 2nd FV40
Emily Clarke – 43:55 – 15th SW
Kai Wong – 44:52 – 12th MV40
Matt Bannon – 46:43 – 14th MV40
Charlie Bruce – 47:53 – 19th MV40


The Plank 5k Handicap (29th May)

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Junior Handicap (5th June)

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Results this week – to 24/5/2021

Results this week – to 24/5/2021

Results from this week
to 24/5/2021


RunThrough Olympic Park 5km (12th May)

Katie Brown, 16:51
1st place and PB and a massive new club record!


Huntsman Tri, New Forest (23rd May)
Standard distance (1100m/33k/10k)

Katie Vooght, 2:14:35
Provisional 1st place, pending results confirmation


Gravesend Sprint Duathlon (4 May)
5k/20k/3.3k (run/bike/run)

Jim Arrowsmith, 3rd in 1:11:18
Kamran Ezel, 8th in 1:14:08
Darren Murphy formerly of TPRC but now racing for Little Baddow Ridge Runners was 4th in 1:12:18.
Andrew Dench, 1:29:09.


Eton Sprints Triathlon (16th May)
750m/21.2k/5k (swim/bike/run)

Andrew Dench, 1:27:53
Completed in torrential rain for the second half of the bike leg and happy to still do a decent pace for the final run stage. The weather is still not that kind for multisports – the water temperature is no more than 14 degrees, and neither was the air temperature, with squalls of heavy rain adding to the fun. Even so, after a year of race cancellations and date changes, it’s worth taking the chance to race when you can, says Andrew

Supersprint (400m/21.2k/5k)

Andy Roper, 1:22:21

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Looking Back – Memories from the past

Looking Back – Memories from the past

Looking Back
Memories from the past

Pre-1999 Club Arrangements

Long ago in the distant past, our Club had an arrangement with the Cockfosters Cricket Club to use their clubhouse on a Tuesday and Thursday evening. In those days there was an ancient wooden building on the site of the present hockey centre which had served as a sports changing facility for Trent Park Teacher Training College.

Before 1999, the Club met formally on a Tuesday and Thursday evening and a Saturday morning. Some of us also ran on the track at Donkey Lane on a Wednesday evening.

On the Saturdays after training, we would wash in the toilets near the café. They were cold, damp and the floor was invariably wet and you washed up using the sinks. Then, we would have a drink in the café – to warm up!

Before training on a Saturday, we would set off together down the Pineapple, round the obelisk at the end of the drive (with a pineapple on top, hence our nickname) and jog back to the area near Go Ape. There, one of the older members, such as Hugh McCaffrey, would conduct a stretching session. Then, announcements were made, and groups detailed. We would then set off for the session we had chosen.

After training on a Tuesday or Thursday evening, however, we had the luxury of changing inside the cricket clubhouse. Females had the left changing room and males the right one, with the bar area and kitchen separating them.

There was only one set of showers with three nozzles on each side. Sadly, the adjustment didn’t work, so you had to settle for the temperature set.

One week the women showered first and the following week the men. As the 30-minute allotted time was nearing its end, the group waiting behind the dividing curtain began warning the incumbents that their time was fast coming to an end. The last evacuee, having dried themself quickly, called out that it was clear for the other group to enter.

One female member was more forthright and, after her longer run on a Thursday evening, would step into the showers regardless of which group was in there….

One year when we were hosting the Sunday Cross-country League mob match (where both divisions competed on the same course), a male runner from another club ignored the warnings coming from the females that time was up, with the rest of us having already vacated, and remained in the showers. The women poured in and we waited on the other side of our curtain to see what would happen. Soon, he appeared, slightly blushing. On being asked what had prompted his removal he answered, “A part of me started to show interest….”.

We would meet in the bar and order drinks from the cricket club barman. His name was Mike, and he was pretty miserable. The beer used to go out of date and sometimes there were mice running about the floor. 

Then, one day, we were asked if we would consider sharing this new clubhouse that had been built with the help of National Lottery money. To receive half the loan (£600k of the £1.4m total), Southgate Hockey Club had to show that they were sharing the facilities with another club.

There was more to the offer. Our subscription would need to be much more than previously. Our annual subscription had been £12 and had just been raised to £20; the proposal necessitated us moving to a £90 annual sub immediately.

We were invited to go over and inspect the new premises, which were bare walls at that stage. A large group of us met there (early 1999) and wandered through what were the bare breeze blocks of the future building.

The move would lead to a big increase in our subs and for some it proved too much. Moreover, it took two Special General Meetings to finalise our agreement to move.

We had enjoyed our time with the cricket club, even playing a match against them. We also catered an annual barbeque, where everyone accepted a job to help run the occasion.

In those days, our AGM was a tense affair: one year the motion was to change the name from Trent Park Trotters and the next it was to adopt new colours. And this was repeated over following years with impassioned speeches from the proposer and seconder and serious discussion coming freely and with passion from the floor.

It was a small friendly club like a family but had a social reputation about it unlike Barnet, who were mean, lean runners – how things have changed!

Contributed by Peter and Jack

With our Saturday base being at the café, the Handicap started on the Pineapple roughly where the current ‘u’ turn is made. We ran anti clockwise to the bottom of Cottage Hill and then turned right up through the woods to finish at the back of the café.

With the transfer to SHC the Handicap route that we now run, (under normal circumstances), was introduced with the start and finish initially being opposite the tennis courts, which was closer to our HQ and equipment.

The Triffic Trail began life in 1984 and, until 1989, men & women had separate races one hour apart. The programme for the 10th anniversary 10k in 1994, reports that running two separate races was a ‘logistical nightmare’, and therefore from 1990 until 1994, the race was held for women only. Since then it has been ‘fully inclusive’. The start was originally on the Pineapple, but in 1999 it was moved onto the field in order to accommodate the growing number of entrants for this very popular event and the support teams & equipment.

The club, (or more particularly Tony Lear) also arranged a number of November trips in the late 90’s to the ‘Lanzarote International Challenge’ based at Club La Santa. The Challenge consisted of a 6 mile road race on the first day, an 7/8 mile ‘hill’ race on the volcanic landscape on the second, a 3 mile beach run in soft sand on the third day, and an across island 14 miles on the 4th day, when you were transported to the other side of the island and ran back to Club La Santa. Yes, and that was 7 miles up and 7 miles down!

It was as close as you would get to being a professional athlete, because all that you did other than race was chat, rest, eat and drink – and did we party in the evenings….!

Contributed by David Arnold

Nov 2020

Junior Virtual Relays Success – 18/11/2020

Junior Virtual Relays Success – 18/11/2020

Juniors Virtual Relay Success
18th November 2020


We are pleased to report success for our juniors at the most recent Middlesex AA virtual relays event. We took 1st place in the U17 girl’s and 2nd place in the U17 boy’s events over 3000 m. Due to limited time/space availability due to Covid regulations we were only able to enter teams in that age group. Congratulations to Poppy, Abbi and Natasha and to Alessio, Liam and Ethan.

Paul Hart

Met League – Race 2 Stanborough Park – Welwyn – 9/11/2019

Met League – Race 2 Stanborough Park – Welwyn – 9/11/2019

Men’s Team Report

On Saturday we had the second round of the Met League series over at Welwyn. We went over with a strong men’s team, still, a fair few runners missing but a decent showing nevertheless. 
Our 12 scorers on the day were Chris, Jim Barber, Carl, Scott, Ben Albon, David, Jim Arrowsmith, Jason Maloney, Kam, Adam Walker, Ricky Nelson and Ed Fenning. This was good enough for 10th on the day in Division 1 and keeps us in the same position overall, we’ve got a decent gap to 11th and 12th behind us so I don’t think relegation is even in the thinking, we’re now aiming to push on and catch up with the teams in front. As I mentioned, we still have a good few scorers missing (not including injuries just people not available on Saturday) so with a full-strength team we are close to 7th/8th/9th which would be great progress for us. Interesting as well, if you look at where our 12th scorer finishes compared to the 12 other teams in Division 1, we would be ranked 4th best. So, sorry to bore you all a bit here but in short, we’re closing the gap and really progressing nicely in the top Division. 
Our Vets team, Carl, Scott, Jim Arrowsmith, Jason, Adam and Ricky, finished 3rd on the day, only 36 points off 1st and remain in 3rd overall for the season. 


Women’s Team Report

We had 11 hardy souls who turned out for the race at Stanborough. It would have been really nice to see a few more take part in these races. They are good fun, in spite of the rain, and bring success to the Club. We again ran away with the division 2 win for the day and established a really strong position to take the division title for the season. That doesn’t mean we can be complacent, we still need everyone out for the rest of the season. Katie Brown was our first lady home in a fantastic 10th place. Katie was followed by Emily Jeanes, Alex Baird and Katie Vooght all in the top 50. Our 5th scorer was Emily Clarke finishing just ahead of Fiona Hathaway. The fact that we have so many younger runners and that the starting age for vets has gone up to 40 means we struggle for a vets team and without Zoe and Anja we were always up against it to get a vets team score but we did well with Fiona, Aimee Jenner and Foulla making up the scoring team. Our other runners were Sharon Tindale, Christine Hawker and Christine Read. As well as the seniors hitting the heights in division 2 we finished 7th in division 1 of the vets and the B team are 4th in division 3 and the vets B team are 5th in division 3. Everyone makes a contribution and there is all to play for. 
Chas for Zoe

Junior Team Report

It was a cold afternoon for racing at the 2nd Met league fixture of the season at Welwyn Garden City but the juniors were lucky to miss the rain that the seniors got.  That’s two years in a row!  Attendance wasn’t great with a few of our big guns taking part in County/Schools races or out injured but we still fielded enough U15/U17’s boys to field A B and C teams.  There was only 1 under 11 runner across the boys and girls combined which is very disappointing (where are you all?) so well done to Max Gilzean who has been an ever-present this season.  The U13 boys are our highest place team lying 8th out of 24 in the league and a big ‘well done’ goes to Luke Bass, Oscar Tivnann, Ed Paine and Oliver Moss for your efforts.  Luke, in his first met league race, finished a creditable 19th out of 62 runners.   With the Keohane sisters missing for this fixture we were always going to have fewer points in the girl’s races but Selma, Saoirse and Olivia held up our end for the U13’s as did Jessica and Anna for the U15’s.  All of them battled hard for their finishes.  Performances of the day go to Alessio Ferrari and Alex Lytrides.  Alessio finished 4th out of 55 in the U15’s race and 22nd out of 100 in the combined 15’s and 17’s.  Just behind him was Alex who came in 25th out of 100.  We had another 7 runners in the race which is a good turnout. Well done to Ethan, Ned, Liam, Max, Harry, Alexander and Toby.   Their efforts leave us 11th out of 33 teams after 2 fixtures.  I’d love to see us go top 10 this year.  Our next cross country fixture is at Trent Park on the 23rd in the NWL League.  Let’s have a big turnout.

Track Mile 2019

Track Mile 2019

Results from the Track Mile 2019 held on 7th June 2019

Track Mile 2019