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Due to current restrict we have started a new members only handicap series, “The Plank”. The information below is for this new series.

We will revert to the previous series format, however, will not do so until January 2022. You can find the information on this series via the Previous Handicap Series link.

Previous Handicap Series

James Joy
Handicap Organiser

Updated 21/4/2021



Trent Park Running Club has been holding the handicap (time trial) race for almost as long as the club has been established so dates back to the 1980’s. Initial it was for club members only so they could track their improvement but was soon opened up to guest runners. However, with current COVID-19 restrictions we have had to change this long standing format and course to meet these.

Unlike the previous series this has had to go back to a members only event to comply with the current guidance from both the government  and England Athletics. We have decided to keep to this format until we would start a new series year in January 2022.

This is still a 5 Km race around Trent Park on the last Saturday of the month and most of the course is unchanged. However, we have moved the start finish to the sports field next to Southgate Hockey Centre.

The key changes to the format are below as is the map and course overview.

To register for this event please look out for the visit our calendar section where you will find a registration link for this months race. 

What changes have been made to the course?

The assembling area is now the sports field next to Southgate Hockey Centre.

In this area, you will collect your number and wait, following guidance from the volunteers, until you are called to the start where you walk across The Plank.

It is then a short up-hill run where you will turn right and head towards Southgate Hockey Centre. You exit this path on to the “Concrete Road”, where you join what would have been the previous course. Please watch out for traffic as this is now a residential area.

You then keep going straight, into the woods, down the hill and then up the hill, following the path to the Hadley Wood Road car park area. Keep going straight and at the end of the car park area, turn left down the hill. There is a signpost directing you to the animal centre where you need to turn left.

Keep going down the hill, follow the path to the right, passed the lakes and then keep going straight up Cottage Hill. At the top of the hill turn right on to “The Pineapple”.

Just past Go-Ape at the end of “The Pineapple” turn left to the blind trail and then follow the blind trail back towards Southgate Hockey centre, keeping left at any path split.

You will then come back to the top of the hill you started on, where you turn right and finish.

Map and course overview is below.

Do I just register once?

Previous you just registered once, picked up a number at your first race and then just turned up at the start for any following races.

With current guidance we need to know who is going to attend, who has attended, etc so this has had to change. There are also restrictions on the total number of people.

Therefore, you will need to register for each race via our Webscorer system.

The link to the registration can be found in our calendar section at the bottom of the page.

Is there still a points series?

There is no point series for 2021. 

As we are not able to start until April and there is a chance we may need to cancel races due to changes in restrictions or other events in the park we decided against a point series for 2021. Therefore, you are running to improve your time.

The points series will return in 2022. 

Where do I get the results?

As we are now using Webscorer result are now live so you can pretty much get your result as soon as you have crossed the line by visiting

Results are also emailed to you later that day, once they have been checked and confirmed, and then posted in the results section on this website.

There is a table that shows your improvement in the results as well.

Interactive Course Map


Course overview