Trent Park Running Club holds a monthly 5 Km Handicap (time trial) race. You race for a time rather than a finishing position against your previous personal best (PB) and positions and points are awarded on how much you improve your PB by or how close you are to this. Therefore, present a great monthly target.

This event takes place on the last Saturday of each month (except December). The race is open to both members and non-members of TPRC, non-members pay an entry fee of £3.00 to help cover some of the cost of staging the race. You are required to register to take part so see our registration page for details.

The route follows an undulating circular route through Trent Park. The surface is mainly gravel with approximately 1.5Km on park road and firm although one or two sections may be slightly muddy on occasion. Normal running shoes are recommended, do NOT wear spikes.


How does the Handicap system work?
Each runner has a recorded time which is their personal best time (PB) over the course and this is their Handicap.

Each month you try and improve this time and the results and points are based on the improvement on your PB. The handicapping system means that all runners have a chance of winning as the results are based on a runner’s improvement in performance rather than who is fastest.

New runners, referred to as scratch runners, are required to run one race to set a PB for the course allocated a handicap time based on their estimated time to complete the 5k course. Scratch runners are not award points for their first race.

In short, the Handicap provides a good opportunity for all standards of runner to measure their performance and take part in an enjoyable race in the beautiful surroundings of Trent Park.

How does the Points system work?
Points are awarded based on your improvement on your Handicap, PB. This means that the first person to finish may not necessarily be the winner, this could quite easily be someone further down the field who has made a greater improvement in their time to run the 5K course.

The most improved runner is awarded maximum points based on the number of participants, second place is awarded one less point, and so on. A bonus of five points is added if a runner beats their Handicap, and an additional five points are awarded to the fastest lady and man overall.

Points are not awarded to scratch runners who are running their first handicap, and bonus points are not awarded to New runners, who have only run one previous handicap.

Trophies are awarded to the first three based on the biggest improvement.

What is the Point Series?
The points awarded for each race are accumulated into the series points.

The series starts in January and ends in November, there is no race in December. Trophies are awarded to members and non-members who have the most points at the end of the series.

New Runners
All runners are required to register to run.

New runners need to run one race to set a handicap time. They are not awarded any points for this race.

We have marshals will be at key points on the course and it is clearly signposted, you can view a map of the course here.

After your first race, you will be given a handicap time, this will establish your target time for the next race if you beat this time the new time. Most runners need a couple of races to familiarise themselves with the route, points are awarded for the second and subsequent races but runners do not qualify for bonus points or trophies until they have completed two races.

You are required to register for the race series online so we have up to date emergency contact details and to confirm, we have your consent to use and store your data. Please visit the registration link.

Registration opens at 08.45 am and closes at 9.15 am prompt, no entries will be accepted after 9.15. The race will start at 9.30 am.You will need to visit registration if you are not a TPRC member, if you are running for the first time, or if you are running your first race in the series so you can collect a new number. If you are a TPRC member and have a new number you don’t need to visit registration again.

All results are recorded on a computer database and results are usually available 45 minutes after the race finishes, they are published on our handicap results page.

Bike and Run

To celebrate the 5km spirit of encouragement, each month Bike & Run will be awarding the man and woman who make the greatest improvement* with a £50 voucher which can be used to purchase anything from their wide range of products and services.
Bike & Run is an established and specialist Running, Bike & Triathlon store based in East Finchley, visit their website

*To qualify for a prize competitors must have completed at least three Handicap events in the previous the series months and record a time of less than 37 minutes. “Improvement” is calculated on a sliding scale according to a runner’s personal best time (PB), slower runners need to improve their times by a greater amount than faster runners. This is based on the fact that it is just as difficult for an 18-minute runner to improve by 30 seconds as a 30 plus minute runner improving by 2 minutes. The voucher can be used towards the purchase of any item in the shop and has a maximum value of £50, the voucher has a cash value of 0.01p.

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