July 2018 Results

Race run on the 28th July 2018 – Clockwise direction (down cottage hill)

PosNameNoMemberScratch / NewFinish PosGen PosAge GroupAge PosAG TimeAGT PosPBTimeImprov.H PointsB PointsTotal
1Chas Taylor188YesNew1716MV70118:24327:2125:0802:1344044
2Bev Coyle725NoNew3612FV55525:083233:3631:3502:0143043
3Anton Paramithas638Yes3725MSnr930:554833:1731:3501:4242042
4Kai Wong703No1414MSnr723:202525:1824:0901:0941546
5Chris Adams731Yes11MSnr117:43218:3017:4700:43401050
6Maggie Lynch632Yes4921FV551029:534638:3738:0500:3239544
7Trudi Sillis605Yes4116FV45628:564533:1632:4600:3038543
8Rachel Berkoff720No3511FSnr231:244931:4631:2400:2237542
9Luke Bowie734YesNew33MSnr320:451521:4821:2900:1936036
10Dawn Tang131Yes254FV55322:342127:5027:3700:1335540
11Robert Pick422Yes77MV60117:19122:0522:0700:0033033
12Natasha De Souza100Yes307FSnr128:404328:4028:4200:0034034
13Joe Cartwright690YesNew4428MV50727:294233:1133:3500:0032032
14Fiona Neville25Yes296FV45325:353328:1328:3800:0031031
15Jeremy Newton24Yes1313MV50320:211223:2123:5000:0030030
16Sue Cross733Yes161FV55120:501624:1624:4900:0029534
17Deana Johnson694Yes3410FV45526:153729:2230:0600:0028028
18Christopher Thompson232Yes2421MV50421:411925:5826:4300:0027027
19Mustafa Ibrahim684Yes2018MV60320:161125:3326:2100:0026026
20Nick Butcher212Yes44MV40119:44620:3921:3100:0025025
21Sylvia Goodman45Yes3914FV65122:382231:3432:2700:0024024
22Arnaldo Furiani732Yes2219MV40423:372725:3326:3400:0023023
23Christine Savage196Yes192FV55220:421324:5926:0100:0022022
24Elizabeth Silver615Yes4820FV65326:474036:4137:4900:0021021
25Dean Anderson723No55MV40219:47720:2321:3500:0020020
26Jim Arrowsmith643Yes22MSnr218:47418:1619:3500:0019019
27Anne Ward289Yes3813FV55626:103630:2932:0100:0018018
28Martin Sculpher2Yes2823MV50523:272626:4828:2500:0016016
29Andrea Berkoff617Yes4015FV55726:463931:0832:4500:0017017
30Nick Clarke43Yes66MV40319:36520:0821:5300:0015015
31Graham Bray621Yes1817MV60220:07924:0325:5500:0014014
32Paul Ward396Yes1111MV50119:53821:1223:0600:0013013
33Phillip Wood135Yes4327MV70224:323031:2533:3100:0012012
34Martin Lippitt194Yes3324MV60623:082427:3829:4900:0011011
35Michele Watters640Yes318FV45426:013526:4329:0700:0010010
36Nick Judd506No2622MV60521:001725:4028:0500:00909
37Christine Read16Yes4618FV55930:294733:5336:1900:00808
38Imke Siegerist602No213FV45124:122923:4926:2900:00707
39Susan Evans726Yes329FV55423:542826:2629:1400:00606
40Linda Hall357Yes4517FV55828:544431:4934:5400:00505
41Miranda Bowie385Yes4719FV65226:363833:3336:5900:00404
42Brian Bowie206Yes2320MV60420:431423:1126:4100:00303
43Trevor Duke432Yes4226MV50627:184129:2333:0500:00202
44Louise Grealish7Yes275FV45225:513424:2528:1700:00101
999Nazareno Feito727NoScratch99MSnr521:442000:0022:5000:00000
999James Cartwright722NoScratch1010MSnr622:552300:0022:5500:00000
999Nathan Berkley721NoScratch1515MSnr824:343100:0024:3400:00000
999Nick Newman730YesScratch1212MV50220:081000:0023:2400:00000
999Sarah Osborne699YesScratch5022FV45745:435000:0052:2600:00000
999Jack Greatbatch724NoScratch88MSnr421:241800:0022:0800:00000
NameAge Group
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Supported by
Bike and Run

Bike and Run are a specialist one-stop-shop selling bikes, clothing and shoes for cyclists, triathletes, runners and swimmers, based in East Finchley. They support the handicap series with a prize for the most improved male and female runners and offer a 15% discount on running items to anyone showing their handicap number in store.

Bike and Run, 128 High Rd, East Finchley, London N2 9ED


Pos = Handicap Position based on improvement. For scratch runners, you need to have completed 1 race in the series to be placed.
Member = If they are a member of Trent Park Running Club
Scratch/New = Scratch runners have not completed a handicap race before or have elected to reset their previous handicap time. Therefore, do not have a personal best so are not awarded points or prizes.
Finish Pos = Finish Position. The position they crossed the finish line.
Gen Pos = Gender finishing position.
Age Group = UKA based age groups
Age Pos = Age Group position
AG Time = Age Graded time. Age grading uses tables of "age factors" and "age standards" to put all runners, regardless of age and sex on a level playing field. In particular, they allow runners' performances, no matter what their age, to be corrected to what they would
have been achieving in their prime years, and permit valid comparison to be made between people of different ages.
AGT Pos = Position based on Age Graded time.
PB = Current Personal Best. If this is 00:00 then they have no current PB.
Time = Their finishing time.
Improv. = Improvement on PB. If this is 00:00 then either there was not improved or they do not currently have a PB.
H Points = Handicap Points.
B Points = Bonus Points. Bonus points are awarded for the fastest male and female and also if you improved your PB.
Total = Total of Handicap Points and Bonus Points.