Easing of lockdown restrictions 19th July Update

Easing of lockdown restrictions 19th July Update

Easing of lockdown restrictions 19th July Update


The guidance below outlines how the Running Club is approaching the easing of lockdown from the 19th July. These guidelines have been developed following careful consideration of the Government guidance and engagement with the Hockey Centre, Leaders (call held 12th July) and the Committee.

The government guidance states: “COVID-19 has not gone away, so it’s important to remember the actions you can take to keep yourself and others safe. Everybody needs to continue to act carefully and remain cautious”. This was a view expressed by the leaders who reviewed proposals to help the club return to normal. The following changes help support this cautious approach.


Club training dates and times

The leaders will continue to provide a range of start times for runs on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday’s. We will gradually move to holding more sessions at pre-COVID set times but retain some flexibility that will reflect how members have had to adapt running around work and home. We will canvas members views on core meeting times so that we do not lose our identity as a “Running club for all”.


Attending a training session and group sizes.

We recognise that some members have found Coacha difficult to use and we will continue to seek improvements from the software designers. However, Coacha has helped move the club forwards through difficult times and offers many advantages that will strengthen the club going forwards. Official Club sessions will continue to be listed on Coacha, providing easy booking for members who sign-up on Coacha.

As restrictions are relaxed from the 19th July, members can turn up without booking on Coacha and join a group at the leaders’ discretion. Group sizes will be increased to a maximum of 12 members per leader from the 19th July, which will also help with this cautious, but flexible approach.


Hockey Centre – Home of TPRC

We have met with the Hockey centre management team and the points below summarise their approach from the 19th July. Please familiarise yourself with these so that everyone can continue to enjoy the facilities of the centre safely.


  • Garden area and outside generally, all restrictions lifted, BUT please be cautious


  • The screen around the bar will remain up
  • Customers should wear masks in the building
  • Customers seated at tables do not need to wear masks
  • Customers should be seated when in the bar area. Please do not gather in standing groups
  • Number seated at a table – no restrictions
  • Showers and changing rooms – no restrictions but please remain cautious
  • We will continue to keep all doors and windows open to maximum ventilation in the bar area
  • Sanitisers will remain up. Please use them

Other rooms

  • The sofas will be returned to the bar on Friday 23rd July
  • Changing room 3 will return to use from Friday 23rd July
  • The meeting room will return to a meeting room from Friday 30 July, however, due to reduced ventilation, we do not recommend it is used by more than 6 people.


As a club we requested a more suitable meeting point at the centre. It has been agreed that we can meet in the Marquee through the summer and the “Dance Floor” area in the winter. We all need to ensure that fire exits and walkways are not used as meeting points going forwards.

I look forward to seeing you at the club soon

Results this week – to 5/7/2021

Results from this week
to 5/7/2021


Beast from the East:
Christine Hawker – 06:54:24 (Swim 00:48:15, T1 00:04:35, Bike 03:20:28, T2 00:01:40, Run 02:39:24)
Holkham Half:
Brian Dilley – 6:16:02 (Swim 49:10, T1 4:47, Bike 3:05:48, T2 3:19, Run 2:12:47)
David Littleford – 6:20:55 (Swim 40:58, T1 3:08, Bike 3:06:03, T2 2:42, Run 2:27:52)
Anthony Plewes – 6:28:07 (Swim 41:24, T1 4:19, Bike 3:19:40, T2 2:58, Run 2:19:36)
Claire Gopoulos – 6:32 (Swim 42:07, Bike 2:52, Run 2:41)
Devon County AA & Devon Schools Championship – 2000m Steeplechase
William Douglas – 6:57.70
Exeter City Trust’s Half Marathon
Emma Rowley – 1:21:34 (provisional) as 3rd lady (21st overall) taking almost 30s of my previous PB! (In Newquay Road Runners club colours but also for the MWL entry.)


The Plank June 3/7/2021

Full Results and photos can be found at


Please send all results to news@trentparkrc.com

“The Plank” June 2021 Handicap – Results and Photos

“The Plank” June 2021 Handicap – Results and Photos

“The Plank” Handicap
June 2021 – 3/7/2021

 Scott Aiken first home in 18:31. Kat Alpe first lady home in 20:05 chipping away further at that course record taking 3 seconds of.

Complete results can be found


The handicap tables can be found at


We are always looking for volunteers so please consider helping out at future events.

Entries for the July event, on Saturday 31st July are now open.


“The Nightcap” June 2021 Handicap Results

“The Nightcap” June 2021 Handicap Results

“The Nightcap” Handicap
June 2021 – 17/065/2021


The second race in our new mid-week handicap with our new The Nightcap series. Was rather concerned that there was a 70% chance of rain predicted for the start time. However, this held off and decided to bucket down as I was going around collecting the signs instead.

21 runners in all fastest men being Jim Arrowsmith and Luke Barker in 18:06. The first lady, Kat Alpe came in 6th in 20:08, breaking her own ladies course record.

Complete results can be found


The handicap tables and can be found at


Just for a bit of fun we have also added series results for The Nightcap and a combined series results for The Plank and The Nightcap.

The Nightcap series

The Plank and Nightcap series

Massive thank those that volunteered to help out. Without who these races would not be possible. We are always looking for volunteers so please consider helping out at future events.


Results this week – to 21/6/2021

Results from this week
to 21/06/2021


Leeds Triathlon (5&6th June)

Christine Hawker – Standard Distance – 3:19:57

Christine wrote: “I took part in the Leeds Triathlon at the weekend, brilliant fun and excellent weather for it. It was a bit different with the Covid compliance but with the run being 3 laps of Roundhay Park it was good for spectators but hilly. Overall time was 3:19:57, swim 35:23,T1 8:09 (Garmin said the swim exit was over 900m from my bike) bike 1:28:57 T2 3:48 run 1:03:42.


5000m Fest @ Lee Valley 16th June

Katie Brown – 16:44.9 – 1st and new club record
Emily Jeanes – 18:46.9 


The Nightcap 17th June

Kat Alpe 20:08 – New women’s course record

Full results can be found at 


Please send all results to news@trentparkrc.com