Please Note

This information is based on "Normal" club activities. 

Currently, we are following government, England Athletics (EA) and various other governing bodies, local authority and various venue guidelines. Therefore, restricts apply to our various activities.

Please see our COVID-19 section for the current information on these.

The senior section covers those athletes from 18 to 80 (and beyond). We cater for all abilities from those who just want to run for fun to the competitive athlete, from walkers to speed demons, 5km is long enough to ultra-marathoners.

As such we have a large variety of groups to cover all these various abilities, interests and goals. Various members host their own training groups and you are usually more than welcome to join them. Our main training sessions are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday with a large group doing long runs on Sunday.


There are 2 sessions both starting at 7:00 pm.

The first is a track speed session from the QEII Stadium in Enfield. The advantage of track sessions are they are traffic free (other than other runners), it is floodlit, and is a smooth cushioned surface. There are various sessions catering for all abilities ranging from 1-mile repeats to 200m sprints. You can also come along and do your own thing if you want. Occasionally these sessions have to be cancelled as Enfield Town Football club also use the stadium and sometimes have games on a Tuesday.

The second session is taken from The Club House. These are run on the roads around the area on in the park on the lighter evenings. These can be hill sessions or various types of speed work. They also cater for all abilities.


Meeting at The Club House for a 7:00 pm start for a tempo run (run at the same pace).

These are usually run on the roads around the area and in the park on the lighter evenings. The various groups are announced beforehand so you can decide which group leader and which session you want to do. These sessions are of various lengths, 4 miles to 10 miles, and at various paces. Therefore, you can move between groups if you wish, nobody minds.


Meeting at The Club House for a 9:00 am start.

There are usually a number of groups going out for various sessions around the park. These are normally hill or speed based sessions.

Some of our training groups, hold specific sessions and occasionally there is a group doing a longer run, especially during the build-up to marathons.

On the last Saturday of each month, our 5km Handicap race takes place. Whilst this operates as a normal race, each competitor is racing against themselves looking to improve on their previous time. Therefore, it is not the first person past the post (set of cones in our case) that wins, it is the person with the most improved time that does. Someone that has blasted around and beaten the course record can be beaten by someone who takes twice as long to go around. For details of this please see our Handicap page.

After these sessions, especially the handicap, members tend to make full use of the bar area to sit and chat.


This is the day most members go for a long run. Unlike other sessions, this is completely unstructured and is led by the members. Therefore, whilst most of the time it is a 9:00 am start from The Club House, this often varies in terms of start time and meeting place.

Members communicate details of these via various methods (email, Facebook, text and word of mouth). However, we try and put these in our training news section.